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Art of Vintage Souk is an independent online business based in Wales, sourcing and selling, textiles, jewellery, clothing....anything interesting that I may find while travelling in Morocco and India.


"A souk or souq is an open-air market place or commercial quarter in Middle Eastern and North African cities"...wikipedia


The aim of my website is to offer some of the amazing Moroccan handcrafted textiles and jewellery that I find on my travels, buying from the locals in the cities or in some of the more remote areas. Moroccan design has a richness of colour, pattern and texture which can be added to the home, using rugs, kelims and textiles.... cushions, throws, emboidered fabrics, tiles, and other Moroccan accessories. I source authentic, traditionally designed vintage items, and some products that have been recently designed and made in a few small workshops in the souks of Marrakech and the south Sahara. 

My Indian kantha scarves and shawls are a beautiful addition to the shop which I have made with the help of a small workshop in Jodhpur.


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